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Ziks Health Services provide consistent quality care with Telepsychiatry, Outpatient Services, mental health services, as well as support Living Residential services in Dallas, TX. With our comprehensive psychiatric evaluation and behavioral health services, our clients receive outpatient and inpatient treatment that is holistic, collaborative and nurturing at its core.

Our Services

At Ziks Health Services, we strive to provide a customized approach to each client’s mental health needs.


Telepsychiatry is a subspecialty of telemedicine, which allows mental health care to be provided…

Behavioral Health Services

At Ziks health Services, we will evaluate your individual needs, providing medication…

Supported Living Residential Services

Ziks Health Services focuses also on delivering counseling services to those with mental illness…

Integrative Treatment

Mental health is essential to improving overall health outcomes across the lifespan….

Cognitive Evaluations

Ziks Health Services offers comprehensive cognitive assessments, powered by Cambridge Brain Sciences….

Our Mission

Ziks Health Services aim to enrich the lives of every person that we serve through compassionate, personalized, holistic, recovery-focused services and treatments designed to improve the mental health of each client through the integration of psychotherapy, psychopharmacology, and mental wellness education. Be it insomnia treatment or an eating disorder, we have the perfect solution for our clients.

Diagnostic Evaluations

Medication Management


Lifestyle Coaching

Why Choose Us?

Our Expertise as Telemedicine Providers

Technological advancements are the need of the hour. That’s why, we provide telepsychiatry right at your home, as we place the needs and comfort of our clients at the very center of our service. We focus on helping our clients understand their emotions, recover, and nurture lifelong wellness – making use of innovative treatment options.

A Collaborative Process

Ziks Health Services specialize in Mental Health & Psychiatry Medication Management. Our clients receive a customized treatment plan, where each facet is tailored according to their needs. Placing them as a priority, we collaborate with them. In doing so, we formulate a suitable treatment plan, as we believe a balancing mix of our initiative and self-initiated actions create the desired effect.

World-Class Care With A Specialist Approach

Our clients range from 9 to 65 years. Combining the efficacy of individual therapy, CBT, and psychotropic medications, we create a plan where our clients begin to lead a wholesome life. Be it our therapy sessions or our psychiatric evaluations, we aim to make our clients feel at peace and ease.

A Complete Mental Wellness Program

Through our treatment plan for depression and anxiety, our clients can find relief and a sense of footing, in an emotionally and physically straining time. With anxiety and depression being difficult to overcome, we help our clients each step of the way. Remote services allow us to promote convenience into the lives of our clients – blurring the barriers of distance between us and them.

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