Telehealth: what’s the future?

Telehealth is the trending breakthrough in the medical industry – full of promise and potential.  There were several forecasts of an imminent telemedicine takeover. Telehealth technology is all set to transform the healthcare industry. Well, it’s no longer the future because the future is here. But there is much to hope in its evolution as change is the only constant. Improvements are happening in technologies, and solutions are emerging that will be win-win for patients and telemedicine providers. Here are the top advantages that are most likely to shape the future of telehealth:

  1. Rise of virtual clinical trials

One of the difficulties faced in the early stages of a clinical trial is finding enough participants. According to research, some trials need more participants than others. People taking part in such trials are free to drop out, which makes it all the harder. Telemedicine is already taking the first steps and bringing out more virtual clinical trials which allow people to stay at home while wearing remote monitoring devices. This could open a whole new demographic of participants unrestricted by geographic boundaries.

  1. Telemedicine could be the key to reduce the spread of infectious diseases

The risk of infectious diseases is always the biggest one for healthcare workers, and the increasing prevalence of resistant bacteria can make outbreaks severely severe. Telemedicine could be used to cut back on infectious diseases by providing easy access to expert insights. This use could be instrumental in reducing infectious diseases and improve their management exponentially.

  1. Development of pediatric platforms

Even though most telehealth providers would only see adult patients, some pediatric options are emerging now as well. If this trend takes off, there would be more opportunities for kids to get healthcare in their homes where they are at ease and comfort. The biggest perk is that they won’t be subjected to strange environments.

  1. Telehealth will strengthen relationships between patients and physicians

Though it may seem like medical professionals cannot provide quality care without being face-to-face, there was a noticeable trend in the opposite direction. There is on-going development where your telehealth professional will offer house calls if required. This is wonderful for people with chronic illness where the healthcare provider can keep an eye on updated records and ask the patient to come in or make a house call. Telemedicine providers are working on providing a personalized experience so that people can get the most out of this innovative technology.

  1. Increased access to healthcare to inmates

Telemedicine gives access to many more specialized physicians, which was otherwise not possible in a conventional way. This way, a larger population, whose healthcare needs were overlooked, can be catered conveniently and receive the intervention, care and attention that’s promptly required.

There is increased demand for telemedicine from many different healthcare industry players, from employers to telemedicine providers to insurance companies. Many challenges would still hinder the successful launch of the telemedicine industry, but there is no doubt of its universality in the future.

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