How to prepare for telemedicine sessions?

Imagine that you are traveling with your infant, and you notice a sudden onset of fever, or you are about to address an audience of hundreds and feel a panic attack right at the fingertips. In these situations, it is improbable that you have a pediatrician or a mental health professional on-site, hence telemedicine is your best bet.  But what do you need for this first appointment at a telemedicine mental health center? After making your appointment, you can prepare yourself by the following guide. This will prove to be a holistic approach and might come in handy as a checklist.

  1. Privacy

Finding a private place for a spontaneous appointment can be difficult, especially if other people are around you. Try and find a place where there is some modicum of peace. Ask others around you to respect your privacy and not interrupt during your appointment.

  1. Get familiar with the technical aspects

Familiarize yourself with the telemedicine company’s app before your appointment so that there is no confusion during your appointment. Some companies use well-known video services, or you may simply want to talk on the phone with your doctor. Figure out these options before your appointment.

  1. Keep medical records ready

You will be asked relevant questions about your medical history when you book your appointment and answer questions related to your symptoms. In case of your telemedicine mental health appointment, you may be asked to fill in a questionnaire on an online health portal, so have your information ready for your appointment. There will be other personal questions that the doctor would like to ask about your lifestyle, job, family life, and mental health history. To provide you with the best treatment, these details are pivotal in your diagnosis, intervention and quality care.

  1. Get all documents on hand

Just like any other doctor’s appointment, you should have the following information at hand if asked:

  • List of prescriptions
  • Primary doctor’s name and info
  • Your pharmacy address and phone number
  • Health insurance-related information

  1. Write down questions you want to ask

It’s normal to feel anxious before a doctor’s appointment, especially if it’s a new one. Make a list of questions you want to ask so that you don’t forget during your appointment. Though every individual’s healthcare needs are different, here are some general questions to get you started:

  • Do I need any medical tests?
  • Will I need a prescription?
  • What is the final diagnosis?
  • Can I contact you in person if I have some follow up queries?
  1. Take notes and discuss follow up plan

No matter how simple your treatment plan may seem, keep a notepad on hand and jot down notes throughout the session. It will be so much easier for you to remember in case you need a prescription filled or make another appointment. Telemedicine mental health treatment will be carried over several sessions, so discussing all the steps until the next appointment is crucial.

Be well prepared for your telemedicine appointment and get all its benefits in one go. Good luck!

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