How to Manage a Panic Attack?

A person wearing a hoodie that says panic attack

Panic attacks are sudden, intense episodes of fear or anxiety that can leave people in a vulnerable position and even fearing for their life. People may experience chest pain, heart palpitations, shortness of breath, or feel like they are going to faint. While its normal for people to experience panic attacks once in a while, some can experience panic attacks much more frequently and with greater intensity.

Learn about the things that can help you manage a panic attack.

Consulting a Mental Health Professional

If panic attacks have started to affect your personal and professional life, then you need to consult a trained professional. Therapists teach various breathing techniques and help people build a stronger mindset to get these attacks under control.

They will also try to find out the root cause behind them. For instance, some people might get panic attacks due to a recent conflict with someone that has created mental trauma for them. While others might get panic attacks thinking about social events or public speaking.

These trained professionals will try to help them overcome these mental blockages which trigger panic attacks. They might even recommend using certain medications if they find the reason for the attacks to be an overactive thyroid

Living a Healthy Lifestyle

By exercising regularly, a person can stay fit and active, boosting their confidence and releasing feel good hormones in the body. The physical gains also translate to better cognition and mental health. Besides this, people also need to try to eliminate bad habits such as smoking . Furthermore, they need to have a diet that is low in sugar as glucose spikes are a common reason for panic attacks.


Mediation is a powerful technique for managing panic attacks. By taking out some time every day to meditate and clear their head, people can start to calm their nerves and relax. Learning breathing exercises can also help improve your mental health.

A person having a panic attack

Looking for Psychiatric Services in Dallas?

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