Medication Management: The Importance of Taking Medications as Directed

Medication management

Medication management is crucial to ensuring the effectiveness of a treatment for any health condition. This guide will further discuss its importance and what you can do to manage your medications timely.

Importance of Taking Medication As Directed

Taking your medications as directed means sticking to the right dose, taking it at the right time, the appropriate way, and the frequency. Failing to follow the prescribed medication routine decreases the effectiveness of the medication, may worsen the disease and lead to hospitalization.

Approximately half of the people in the United States with a chronic disease do not adhere to their medication routine or take their medications correctly. Surveys demonstrate that most patients do not fill or pick up their new prescription or refill the existing prescription on time. Others stop the medicine before the prescribed time or take more or less medicine than directed.

Stick to the Prescription Routine

Taking medication as prescribed means sticking to the medication routine your doctor has prescribed. Failing to do so is known as non-adherence. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that there are nearly 125,000 deaths each year because patients use medicines incorrectly.

Knowing all the names of your prescribed medication will help you understand all instructions and make it easier to search online for detailed information.

Other Considerations

When your doctor prescribes you medications, discuss them in detail so that you know what they do. Ask about their side effects, and don’t let them stop you from taking the medication. It’s important to get your prescriptions refilled on time, so you don’t run out of them. Skipping dosage may worsen your condition, and you may end up in the hospital.

For proper medication management, use pill boxes that either have days of the week or times of the day (morning, noon, and night) labeled on them. Use other reminder tools to avoid skipping medications. For proper medication management, enlist all your medications and the conditions you need them, and how often you take them.

Pharmacists in the U.S. are the most accessible healthcare providers who offer medication guidance to help improve our health and management.

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