Tips for Making the Most Out of a Telehealth Session

A psychotherapist during a psychiatric evaluation in Dallas, TX

At first, telehealth was a safe and secure option for people with social anxiety. But now, after experiencing a lifestyle change, most people prefer telehealth sessions because of their social distancing benefits. Comfort and convenience were some other benefits for the preference of a telehealth session over an in-person one.

Here are a few tips that will help make telehealth sessions more successful.

1. Arrange a Dedicated Quiet Space

For a successful telehealth session, you must be sitting in a quiet space. There’s a chance that there may be an invasion of privacy if people are within earshot. A quieter place will also help you focus more on your telehealth session.

2. Invest in a Quality Headset and a Microphone

Instead of just depending on your laptop or smartphone’s built-in sound system, you should invest in a professional headset and a microphone. Without both, you’ll face trouble communicating with your telehealth provider. You don’t want miscommunication standing in your way if it can be removed so easily.

3. Practice Before the Session

If you’re going for a telehealth session for the first time, you should practice all the technicalities beforehand. It’ll make things easier when you have to join the session with your telehealth provider. You won’t get stuck with the technology.

4. Prepare Notes Before the Session

Take your time to brainstorm everything you want to talk to your telehealth provider. Make notes in a journal to keep track of the topics you want to discuss. Keep the journal with you during the session, so you can note down any important thing discussed during the session.

5. Ensure the Stability of Your Internet Connection

There’s nothing worse than making it through half the session and losing your internet connection. Kills the built-up momentum and leaves things hanging in the middle. You need a stable connection to make the most out of your session.

6. Engage During the Session

You’re not only investing your money in a telehealth session, but you’re also investing your time. Make sure you engage yourself and are proactive throughout the session.

A psychotherapist during a telepsychiatry session

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