3 Common Questions Never To Ask A Person Suffering From Depression

A psychiatry treatment for a person with depression

Depression is one of the most common mental health issues that people globally suffer from. In 2021, more than 5% of the total global population was suffering from depression. It is a serious mental health illness that could damage the mental and physical health of the person suffering from it if not treated.

One of the best depression treatments is communication. It helps them in recovery and can make them feel motivated. However, communication is a double-edged sword and can make or break their recovery. While communicating with someone depressed, there are some lines you shouldn’t cross. Let’s take a look at some questions that you should never ask them:

“Why Are You Depressed?”

If you know someone suffering from depression, you shouldn’t ask a question like ‘why are you depressed?’ These types of questions are meaningless to ask the affected person. Depression is a mental health condition that can have many leading factors. It can be genetic, trauma, or environmental.

A depressed person may or may not know why they are depressed, and asking these questions can only worsen the situation rather than solve it. Instead of asking them the “why,” ask them if they’re getting mental health help for their depression.

“Have You Tried Snapping Out Of It?”

Some people believe that if a person tries hard enough, they can stop depression. This makes them ask questions, like have they tried stopping it? This is another question that depressed people don’t want to hear.

This question makes them believe that it’s their problem and that no one can help them. It may also sound rude and insensitive. If you want to help a person in depression, ask them how you can help rather than asking if they can stop it.

“Why Don’t You Try To Be Happier?”

People who are depressed don’t choose to be like that. Asking someone with depression, ‘why don’t they smile or be happy?’ isn’t going to solve the problem. Happiness comes from the feeling of positive emotions. People in a depressive state don’t feel any emotions, so grinning isn’t going to help.

If you want to help them, ask them if they want to engage in simple and fun activities like going on a walk or watching a movie. This can help them cope with depression.

Person talking about depression during a psychiatric appointment

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