Telepsychiatry: What Is It And What Are Its Benefits

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When you suffer from a mental health-related issue, it is very important to reach out to a professional to help you deal with it. However, even getting out of bed can become an arduous job for people with depression, let alone go to their doctor’s appointments. Taking care of yourself is the most crucial step in improving your mental health, but it’s also understandably the most difficult one.

So when you’re at your lowest, what’s something that will be effective in putting you out of your misery but will require the least amount of effort? This is where telepsychiatry comes to your rescue!

What Is Telepsychiatry?

Telepsychiatry involves the application of telemedicine to psychiatry. To put it simply, it uses telecommunication methods such as videoconferencing to connect patients with the psychiatrist.

The psychiatrist can provide several services, including mental health assessments, psychiatric evaluations, follow-up care, therapy, medication management, etc., to the patients or their primary care providers via telecommunication.

Telepsychiatry is a legitimate form of treatment and has provided more avenues for people reluctant to visit a psychiatrist. It has several benefits, some of which are:

1. Improved Accessibility

Telepsychiatry doesn’t require patients to make in-person visits, so people from all areas with access to the internet can connect with a doctor and get their treatment done. It is especially useful for people with disabilities who have difficulty managing frequent visits and those who live in places where psychiatric help isn’t readily available.

Doctors who sometimes cannot make it to their workplace wouldn’t have to cancel appointments as they can take them from home easily.

2. It’s Cost-Effective

Internet meetings save travel costs for both patients and doctors, especially those who have to travel from far-off areas and may be required to make regular visits for their treatment. Since people do not have to take time off from work to attend appointments, there will be no income loss for those who do not get half-days or paid leaves. It also benefits providers as the overhead cost is greatly reduced this way.

3. Encourages People To Get Help

People with no access to childcare, anxiety, depression, disabilities, etc., find it difficult to attend in-person appointments and get discouraged. Telepsychiatry provides an alternate way to visit your doctor, encouraging more people to seek help through professional treatment from the comfort of their homes.

A doctor is making notes during her telepsychiatry appointment with a patient

Don’t Step Back!

Those who do not have health insurance are often reluctant to visit a psychiatrist; we at Ziks Health Service offer a cash-pay option to our patients because we prioritize patients’ health and well-being above everything. We ensure to provide consistent quality telepsychiatry care, so there is no reason why you should ignore your mental health and not consult a professional.

Get in touch with us now and let our doctors help you with your mental health problems!

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