Coping With Back-To-School Anxiety During COVID-19

Children wearing a mask at school

A decline in COVID cases means that schools worldwide are reopening, but with all the safety provisions. 

However, children heading back to school this year are facing unusual challenges. And, one of them is the anxiety of being separated from their families after months. Though in-person learning is crucial for all students, it will take them a while to re-adapt.

Moreover, families are worried about the safety of their children, especially if a classmate tests positive for the virus.

Here’s how to cope with your fear and anxiety among children to ensure a successful transition.

Know the Reality

First, you must be informed about the real risks and benefits of your children returning to school during the pandemic. Learn about how the virus is transmitted and the school’s requirements to reopen safely.

Be cautious about the health of your children – especially the younger ones. If your child has a cough, runny nose, or fever, they should stay home until they get better.

Validate Your Child’s Behavior

Pay attention to your child’s behavior if you’re worried about a tough entry. While some students will be excited to meet their peers and teachers, others may feel overwhelmed in a new environment.

Most importantly, look for signs of depression such as eating disorders, anxiety around food, or physical pain.

Take the Lead

Anxiety among parents will trigger anxiety among their children. That’s the main reason parents must act calmly at all times, even when they feel disturbed. Listen to your child’s questions and answer them politely. 

Younger kids who’re more worried about separation need to know what their parents are doing while they’re away. Help them focus on positive things and try to get them to talk about all the good things at school. That’s how they can look forward to attending school and enjoy their day.

Implement Safety Measures

Though you can’t promise your child that they won’t get sick, you can tell them that their school has done months of planning to keep everyone safe. This will help reassure kids that schools wouldn’t have reopened if it wasn’t safe for them.

Provide your child with all safety supplies like hand sanitizer, face mask, and clean napkins. Encourage them to maintain a distance at school and wash their hands regularly.

Students in a classroom

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