Struggling With Your Child’s ADHD? Here Are 4 Strategies That Can Help

Parenting for a child with ADHD

If your child is diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Hyperactivity-Deficit Disorder), it can get extremely overwhelming – especially when you’re unsure of the next steps. There are approximately 6.4 million children in the United States who are currently struggling with ADHD.

Qualified health care providers and effective strategies at home can help you cope with the condition of your child.

Get to Know Everything About ADHD

The first thing to do as parents of a child with ADHD is to observe how it affects your child and learn everything about the condition. For instance, you must know the type of ADHD your child has and which symptoms you observe most commonly. Learn about parenting techniques from reliable sources since there can be many myths about ADHD.

Set a Routine for Your Child

Children with ADHD need a set routine to help them stay focused on organizing their day. This also prevents negative thoughts and feelings. Create a routine, especially in the mornings, meal times, and bedtime.

Don’t restrict your days to a routine as it may stress you out. Add a few predictable activities to your child’s day like going out for a walk and reading a book at bedtime.

Make Sure Your Child is Sleeping and Exercising Well

Sleep and exercise are the two crucial components of the health of an individual whether a child or an adult. So, plenty of exercise for your child will burn the excess energy (a common issue for children with ADHD). You can enroll them in sports activities such as soccer, or martial arts to keep them active. 

Moreover, if your child isn’t getting enough sleep, they’re likely to lose focus over day-to-day activities. Early bedtime and rest during the day will help them control their impulses and concentrate well.

Improve Your Child’s Confidence

Children with ADHD experience constant redirection from adults which can harm their self-esteem. In addition, the diagnosis also makes children feel hopeless about themselves. That’s why parents should build up self-esteem if their children purposefully. You can do the following: 

  • Set aside time for bonding with your child
  • Teach the best practices to make friends
  • Work on building their strengths
  • Praise every positive action they take
Health care professional examining a child with ADHD

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