Diabetes and Depression: What’s the Link?

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Did you know that according to several studies, an individual with diabetes has double the risk of developing a mental health condition like depression? Moreover, it is also believed that diabetic individuals are more prone to developing depression.

Therefore, there is a strong link between diabetes and depression. Keep learning to learn more about the link between diabetes and depression, according to the mental health experts offering depression treatment in New Mexico.

The Link between Diabetes and Depression

Even though further research is critical for scientists to properly understand the link between diabetes and depression, there are a few factors that show how these two conditions are closely related:

  • Diabetes, when not managed properly, can cause several health complications with unpleasant effects and aggravate the symptoms of depression
  • Many people may experience significant stress from managing their diabetes, which can cause them to develop depression
  • Task completion, communication, and clear thinking can all be hampered by depression. Hence, managing diabetes effectively may be challenging
  • Depression has been linked to reckless behavior and poor life decisions like exercising less, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, weight gain, and consuming unhealthy foods. These are all risk factors that may lead to an individual developing diabetes

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Managing Depression and Diabetes Together

Managing depression and diabetes concurrently may be challenging since the deterioration of one ailment might lead to the worsening of the other. However, there are a few measures one may take to manage both of these conditions effectively:

  • Lifestyle changes:Certain lifestyle changes that individuals with depression and diabetes can make to help manage symptoms of both illnesses. For example, maintaining a healthy sleeping schedule and creating the habit of exercising can be beneficial for the management of both ailments
  • Psychotherapy:According to research, psychotherapy is an effective treatment option for depression. By seeking professional help for depression, individuals can take the necessary steps to manage both illnesses
  • Medications: Getting health evaluations from professionals can allow individuals battling diabetes and depression to get prescriptions for medicine to help with disease and symptom management

Important tip! When consulting professionals for depression and diabetes, discuss the medications you are taking for each disease to prevent complications such as medicine interactions.

  • Programs for diabetes self-management:Diabetes self-programs are aimed at helping patients learn certain behaviors that may help them manage the risk factors associated with the condition. For example, these programs may help diabetic individuals develop healthy habits and take necessary steps for weight reduction and enhanced fitness levels

Bottom Line

Now that you know how closely linked diabetes and depression are, you can take the necessary steps to manage both ailments together. If you are a diabetes patient who suspects they have depression, we recommend getting in touch with Ziks for depression treatment in New Mexico.

Our experts will conduct diagnostic evaluations to determine if you have depression and recommend effective depression treatments like psychotherapy to help you improve.

Contact us now for more information on our services.

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