How to Deal With Grief? Use the 3Cs to Heal Quickly

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Grief can be destructive — it may consume us and manifest at the most unexpected moments, such as the holiday season or a special occasion, bringing up memories of times spent with people who may no longer be with us.

Everyone has different coping mechanisms when dealing with the grief of losing a loved one or a recent depressive episode. However, no matter what we do, grief can dominate us and disrupt our everyday lives. This is where the 3Cs of grief can help us heal. Want to learn how the 3Cs can help you in dealing with grief? Keep reading.

Dealing With Grief with the Help of the 3Cs

The 3Cs stand for choose, connect, and communicate. This simple formula can help you navigate times when you are overwhelmed by emotions of grief. Here is how you can use the 3Cs to heal:


It’s common to feel obligated to attend some events, such as an Easter celebration or a family holiday dinner. However, we must recognize that we have the option of attending or not and that we must do what is best for ourselves to heal.

If a certain occasion or holiday triggers your grief and makes you miss a lost loved one even more, you must realize that you cannot attend without feeling guilty. Grieving individuals must understand that it takes time to heal from loss and must make active decisions to ensure they do what is best for themselves.

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Since every individual has their way of dealing with grief, some people may isolate themselves from the world during such times.

Although taking time off from the world to heal on your own can be healthy, you must not lose connection with those around you since that can lead to you developing feelings of loneliness. Connecting with others who may be grieving can help you feel supported and avoid feelings of loneliness.


One thing that people dealing with grief must understand is that communication is critical when dealing with grief since sometimes we might require help and support from others to recover from the overwhelming emotions associated with grief.

If we do not reach out for help, it may consume us and cause s to develop mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, or PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder). If you don’t feel comfortable talking to the ones around you or asking them for help, you can also receive counseling from a therapist who can help you cope with and manage the emotions associated with grief.

Final Word

Although it takes time to heal from grief, you must understand how critical it is to take the necessary steps to heal. The 3Cs discussed above can help streamline your journey to healing.

If the feelings get excessively overwhelming, we recommend contacting the expert at Ziks, an establishment specializing in mental health services in Dallas. The professionals at our facility have years of experience guiding people through grief and helping them heal in a safe environment.

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