How COVID-19 is Affecting Our Mental Health?

a man about to undergo a psychiatric evaluation in Dallas

As COVID-19 becomes difficult to contain in the US, concerns are amplifying regarding how it’s affecting our mental health.

According to local reports, opioid overdose and domestic violence have skyrocketed. In addition, the crisis hotline has been on the rise, showing staggering spikes. For instance, calls to mental health and suicide hotlines in Los Angeles have increased by a whopping 8,000%. It’s forecasted that the coronavirus pandemic will cause more than 75,000 deaths from suicide and misuse of drugs/alcohol.

Besides this, CDC cites increases in depressive and anxiety disorder, which has quadrupled since the onset of COVID-19.

Let’s look at a few other ways COVID-19 is affecting our mental health.

Anxiety and COVID-19

People currently suffering from anxiety-related conditions like OCD (obsessions and compulsions) and panic disorder may feel like they’re losing control. This added stress of a global pandemic will be a big challenge for these individuals. If the symptoms become severe, they could trigger feelings of depression, hopelessness, and even suicide.

Health anxiety refers to a condition where a person is persistently affected by fears of contracting a serious illness. If this reaches a level that becomes difficult for people to manage, they may:

  • Constantly seek out information related to COVID-19 and showing no signs of stopping
  • Assess themselves for symptoms every now and then
  • Experience extreme fear and anxiety over contracting the virus
  • Become trapped in an unending loop where they’ll imagine the worse that could happen to them
a therapist offering depression treatment services in Dallas

Mental health and COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is substantially impacting the emotional well-being of people.

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Alt-text: a therapist offering depression treatment services in Dallas
Of course, when the daily lives aren’t in the best of conditions, people can feel very overwhelming. Understandably, these challenges may cause fear and anxiety. Whether you recognize the symptoms of stress and anxiety or not, they’ll show up in your behavior and mood. Here are some signs you may notice:

  • Changes in appetite
  • Constant feelings of worry and nervousness
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Jumpiness or restlessness
  • Losing focus/concentration
  • Shorter temper than usual, irritability, and other mood changes
  • Stomach issues related to anxiety

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