Self-Care Tips to Deal with Anxiety

A woman is feeling anxious

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health issues that affect over 40 million adults. People with anxiety disorder experience frequent and severe feelings of fear, panic, and terror in everyday situations. These feelings can affect their daily life and relationships. While there’s no cure for anxiety, self-help is one of the most important and effective tools to manage your symptoms.

There are many self-care tips for anxiety, from acknowledging your feelings to taking a long-warm bath, talking to a loved one to practicing breathing techniques. Our behavioral health service professionals in Albuquerque, New Mexico, have explained some tips that may help you manage anxiety.

Calm Your Senses

Anxiety brings extreme feelings with it, and you might find it difficult to control your emotions and feel restless. One thing that can help you feel relaxed is engaging your senses through sensory exercises or activities. For example, making a cup of tea engages all your senses; you smell the aroma of fresh tea leaves, watch them unfurl in warm water, and then drink it. For more relaxation, you can use herbs like lavender or chamomile.

Some other relaxation techniques include meditation, yoga, or listening to calming music.

Move Your Body

Moving your body is a great self-care activity. You don’t need to do intensive workouts to manage your anxiety. Dance it off or take a walk outside while breathing in the fresh air. Any kind of movement or physical activity helps take your mind off of things.

Once you get moving, you can slowly incorporate a workout routine in your schedule that works best for you.

Practice Deep Breathing

Sometimes moving or doing any task feels impossible when you’re experiencing panic or terror. This is where deep breathing can benefit you.

Deep breathing exercises are the easiest and most effective way of managing anxiety symptoms. When you’re anxious, your body enters a fight, flight, or freeze mode. To counter this effect, you can practice deep and slow breathing.

Talk About it

Despite being a common issue, most people don’t discuss their anxiety and associated problems. Opening up about your anxiety with loved ones can help you find ways to overcome it. You can always talk to a therapist if you can’t discuss this with a friend or family.

A person during a therapy session

At Ziks Health Services, we have certified professionals with clinical experience treating anxiety disorders and offering other psychiatric services. To make things easier, we also offer telepsychiatry services so you can receive treatment from the comfort of your home. Explore our mental health services here; our team can help you manage anxiety and improve your quality of life. Or contact us for details.

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