What to Expect from a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Session

Anxious man in a therapy session.

If you are experiencing symptoms like a faster heartbeat, shallow breathing, and a tense neck randomly, it’s time to address these issues.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy helps identify negative behavior patterns and reframe your thoughts positively. Unlike other therapies, CBT doesn’t focus on your past. It provides solutions to your psychological and emotional difficulties.  If you have signed up for a CBT session, here’s what you can expect:

1.      Introduction

CBT sessions are either held in groups or conducted one-on-one. When in a group, you will be asked to talk before your family or share your struggle with people having similar issues.  Either way, the session will begin with the therapist asking for your introduction and concerns. For a deeper understanding, your therapist might also jot down your past struggles or previous state of mental well-being.

2.      Viewpoints

The session will commence, and you will find your therapist asking about your viewpoints regarding the situation you’re in. Eventually, you will be asked to challenge these beliefs and consider accepting a different assumption.

3.      Journaling your beliefs

It is common for therapists to ask their patients to note down their negative thoughts that occur within a specified period. For instance, your therapist might ask you to observe your negative thoughts throughout a week so that you can work to substitute them with positive ones.

4.      Identifying yourself

Note saying, “You’re Capable of Amazing Things.”

One technique during a CBT session is that your therapist will ask what you think of yourself. If your inner voice is often too critical or negative, feel free to tell that to them. You will then be told to replace self-criticism with compassionate self-talk.  

5.      Systematic Desensitization

Systematic Desensitization is a relaxing technique that uses an evidence-based approach to help you overcome your fears and anxiety. This part of the CBT session will involve exposing yourself to your fears until you learn to cope with them.    

6.      Duration of session

The duration of a single session can last from 30 to 60 minutes. The sessions, in general, will take about 5-20 weeks, depending on you and your therapist. Your sessions will come to an end when the therapist feels you no longer need help.

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