Countering the Social Stigma of Depression: A Complete Guide

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People who live with depression are often blamed for their condition. It’s as if their mental health issue can be fixed if they only try harder. This blame game usually comes from the social stigma where people fail to comprehend what it means to live with a mental illness. Sadly, the stigma of depression seems to persist even after several studies and advancements have been made in psychology to make people understand the problem.

Stigma not only instills shame in a person’s mind but also prevents them from seeking professional help. For an individual already bearing the burden of depression, the stigma will only add to his emotional baggage. This is why one needs to fight it even before seeking mental health services. 

Here are some great ways to fight depression stigmas:

1.     Don’t take the blame.

The first thing you need to do is stop blaming yourself. Instead of saying, “I am a failure,” learn to remind yourself that you’d be able to handle it. A little shift in your inner voice could make a big difference.

2.     Own Your Condition

Not many will tell you this, but it’s better to own your mental health condition instead of blaming your friends and family for it. It goes well for individuals who play the victim and hold the world accountable. Hence, one part of fighting social stigmas involves taking control and working with resilience.

Depressed man sitting on a bench.

3.     Isolation won’t help!

Depressed people are more likely to face social stigma by isolating themselves. Avoiding social activities and steering clear from people will only add to your emotional burden. Stay connected with people you can trust and go out there to make sure you’re not the one inducing your social stigma.

4.      Open up at the right moment. 

Knowing when to reveal your depression in front of others is also a key factor in countering stigma.  Sharing your problems with a person who is already stressed at work, or is facing hardships, might not be the best time. Instead, look for a moment where depression is being discussed in general, and then add in your own experiences. 

  What’s next?

Once you rid yourself of the social stigma of depression, reach out to us to cure depression itself! At Ziks Health Services, we promise to provide you with life-changing depression treatment in New Mexico and Dallas.  We will make sure you enjoy your life with persistence and bravery.

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